Dear JupyterDay speakers,

Congrats: we’ve sold out at 120 attendees! Clearly people can’t wait to learn about the wonderful things you’re doing with Jupyter and share their experiences with you.

With that in mind, we wanted send you some final details to help make your talk a success and your day enjoyable.


Please arrive at The Carolina Club no later than 8:30 AM on November 13th. Maps to the venue and information about parking are available on the event website at

If you are driving to the UNC campus, please allow plenty of time for parking. While the Rams Head Parking Deck adjacent to The Carolina Club is large, there is no guarantee that you’ll find a space in it.

Once you arrive at The Carolina Club, follow the signs to the registration area and get checked in so that we know you’re around.

Presentation prep

You should plan to present from your own laptop or tablet. If you do not have such a device, let us know by email before the event and we’ll make appropriate arrangements.

Please stop by the A/V table at the front of the meeting room during one of the breaks to test your presentation on the projector and resolve any issues upfront.

The projector in the room sports a standard HDMI cable. If you own an HDMI adapter for your device, please bring it with you. If you do not have an adapter or forget it at home, don’t fret. We’ll have USB-C, Lightning, DVI, and Thunderbolt/Mini Display Port connectors on hand.

Keep in mind that we will all be using the campus guest Wi-Fi network. Bandwidth and connectivity may degrade once everyone starts joining. Plan downloads and demos accordingly. See for more details.

As luck favors the prepared, it certainly won’t hurt to post your materials online or bring a backup on a thumb drive in case something goes amiss.

Presenter flow

Please note the block in which your talk appears on the schedule and the presentation immediately ahead of yours. If you are giving a lightning talk, make your way to the “on-deck area” near the A/V table as soon as the preceding speaker begins. If you are giving a longer talk, remain in the audience until the preceding speaker starts taking audience questions.

If you have technical difficulties at the start of your talk that the A/V staff cannot resolve, don’t panic. We’ll move your talk to the end of the block, proceed with the next presenter, and troubleshoot your problem off-stage.

Moderators and timing

A moderator will briefly introduce you at the start of your talk. The moderator will signal when you are almost out of time and when your time is up. The moderator will then help field questions from the audience.

We’ve allocated 5-8 minutes for lightning talks followed by a question or two as you unplug your device and let the next speaker set up. For longer talks, we’ve allocated about 20-25 minutes for your presentation and few minutes for questions at the end. Please adhere to these time limits out of respect for the moderator, the audience, and other presenters.

Code of conduct

Project Jupyter is an engaged and respectful community made up of people from all over the world. Keep the code of conduct in mind both when preparing and delivering your presentation:

Photography and social media

Attendees at the event may decide to take photographs, record presentations, and/or post to social media from their personal devices. If you’d prefer not to be photographed or recorded while speaking, email us and let us know. We can arrange for the moderator to make an announcement before you present.

Sharing your presentation

We’d love to feature a link to your presentation slides, demo, git repository, etc. on the JupyterDay in the Triangle website. If you’re comfortable using git, feel free to submit a pull request linking your talk title on the information page to your materials. If you’re not a regular git user, just let us know and we’ll help link your presentation. is the file to modify. Find your talk title and turn it into a link.

Getting help on-site

Feel free to approach anyone wearing a badge that says STAFF for assistance throughout the day. Even if they can’t help you, they should be able to point you to someone who can.

Questions and concerns

If you have a question or concern we have not addressed, do not hesitate to reach out.